X-raying the evolutionary trend vis-à-vis the prospects of the principle of individual criminal responsibility under international law

BY: Dr. Abegunde Babalola, Dr. Filani Alfred Oluropo, Barr Omidoyin Taiye Joshua

The principle of individual criminal responsibility has evolved over centuries, both at the municipal level and at the international plane, thus, giving rise to mammoth statistics of individuals who have been prosecuted and sentenced both by municipal courts and international courts or tribunals, over commission of crimes. It is against this backdrop that this paper has written to examine and appraise the chronological order of the evolutionary realities of the principle of individual responsibility. It also examined the nature and dynamics of the principle as well as the prospects thereof. It found out that despite the long history and popularity of the principle, it has not been able to totally obliterate crime and criminality from the global society. It ends with some concluding remarks and recommendations.